Best CTV Advertising Platforms

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Unlock the potential of connected TV marketing. Partner with the brilliant CTV advertising companies of 2024 to connect with cord-cutters, beat competitors, and get the most out of your investments.

 It is now seen that traditional television watching is dying out with the implementation of cord-cutting and the shifting of viewership towards streaming applications. Such a change has seen an increase in the use of connected TV (CTV) advertising, which presents good prospects for reaching the audience.

The click-through-view ads are easily viewable since they have a completion rate of about 95%, which is practically non-skippable. Nonetheless, it is imperative to understand that the advantages of CTV advertising go beyond a very high completion rate. Think about the ability to deliver a specific message to people who want or need it and are ready to hear the information you wish to provide. While the effectiveness of CTV ads lies in gaining an immense number of impressions, it is all about the correct impressions. By so doing, a more efficient and effective advertising approach is attained instead of a generalized attack that needs more elements of target marketing. What you have here is not broadcast marketing campaigns but creating persuasive campaigns that will interest your target market.

If CTV advertising is to be fully embraced, selecting the right CTV platform is critical. Various products significantly affect the targeting possibilities, functions, and audience size of campaigns and, therefore, their effectiveness.

CTV, which means Connected TV, is an indispensable part of modern households across the globe, providing its users with the ability to access the internet and numerous other functions.

What Is CTV Advertising Platform?

A CTV advertising platform is a specific type of digital platform that allows advertising on Connected TVs, which are intelligent sets, streamers, games, and other similar devices. These platforms act as a middle ground between conventional television advertising and the new generation of online advertising, combining the benefits of both.

As an advertiser, a CTV advertising platform will enable you to:

Targeting customers based on specific attributes like age, gender, location, and other demographics.

Helped with or run programmatic campaigns in which the ads themselves went through an auction: the ad inventory was assigned to the ad server, and the highest bidder won the right to place his ad on the site.

Analyze campaign metrics to gain insights on impressions and likely clicks, as well as the number of conversions and other parameters.

On the other hand, publishers can harness CTV advertising platforms to monetize content, control their ad stocks, and expand their markets.

That is why it is essential to define what makes a good CTV advertising platform and analyze various platforms depending on the following parameters:

What Makes a Good CTV Advertising Platform?

It comprises the critical pillars of Broad Reach, Premium Inventory, and Advanced Targeting.

The ideal CTV advertising platform fits critical criteria, including wide availability, access to a plethora of high-quality inventory, and precision targeting. These are essential since they play decisive roles in enhancing ad performance and guaranteeing the success of your marketing message within the specified consumer niche.

User Experience and Engagement

Now, advertising is not just about where the ad is placed but how the viewer is impacted by it. Sustainable attention is the ultimate goal, achieved by the most suitable ad formats. Much of CTV’s strength lies in finding the right platform that delivers the ads effectively and creatively and does not annoy viewers.

Robust Analytics and Reporting

It would be costly not to have such detailed information about campaign performance, viewer activity, and other parameters. This practicality enables advertisers to make improvements without sleep and adjust improvement campaigns.

Consumer Privacy and Brand Protection

In today’s world, people’s privacy and anything related to advertisements must be respected and safe to meet brand safety standards. As for the primary, which is just as important as other aspects, a reliable CTV platform addresses these issues, providing ads without compromising viewers’ right to privacy.

Another issue to consider is the interlinking with other online platforms.

A platform that acts as an interface for CTV campaigns and also brings into focus other digital advertising means shows an understanding of marketing strategy in its entirety as a cohesive process.

Customer Support

Additional customer support is something that the client can ultimately appreciate in any firm. Unlike other forms of digital advertising, a good CTV platform provides campaign setup help, fine-tuning, and other necessary services to solve potential problems.

As we progress through 2024 and look ahead to 2025, what metrics should you target, and which CTV advertising platforms are the best?

These agencies remain prominent in the world of CTV advertising and are all geared up to help you take your campaigns up a notch and make sure your ads look incredible to audiences around the globe who sit in their living rooms.

1. The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk is an ad platform that helps to design, control, introduce improvements in, and monitor CTV advertisement campaigns with +20 top CTV publishers.

Key features:

• Data-driven targeting
• Incremental reach
• Premium inventory
• Precise frequency control
• AI-powered optimization
• Comprehensive measurement of digital and traditional metrics

2.Google DV360

It has access to the top ad-supported CTV apps and the vast majority of CTV households in the US.

Key features:

• Unified buying across significant platforms
• Google Analytics integration
• Brand safety controls
• Global reach
• Reach Planner for pre-campaign insights
• Audience filters
• Ad frequency settings
• Unique Reach Overlap Report


StackAdapt is a self-serve programmatic advertising platform known for its ease of use.

Key features:

• Precise targeting
• Comprehensive reporting
• Machine learning optimization
• Creative tools for high-quality ads
• Integration with platforms like Google Analytics and Salesforce

4.Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP leverages Amazon’s extensive data and technology for targeted CTV advertising.

Key features:

• Premium inventory
• Data-driven targeting
• Advanced creative capabilities
• Incremental household reach
• Detailed reporting and analytics

Following are the steps to choose the Right CTV Advertising Platform

Essential Qualities: Ensure the platform offers robust targeting, flexible ad formats, and comprehensive analytics.

Track Record: Assess the company’s ability to deliver results and provide valuable insights.

Alignment with Business Goals: Match the platform’s offerings with your specific goals, requirements, and target audience to ensure cohesive and effective advertising efforts.

You can choose a CTV advertising platform to drive successful and impactful campaigns by carefully evaluating these factors.