Simplify Your Video Performance Campaigns

Get a perfect blend of performance and branding. Create Interactive ads, generate VPAID/VAST tags, and target your audience precisely to maximize your ROI.

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Performance Campaigns

Optimize your ROI by measuring that matters most to your marketing goals – Plays, Views, Clicks, Leads, and more.

Create Interactive Ads

Interact with your audience and express your creativity to get the best results out of your video campaigns.

Media Planning

Assign budgets to your ad campaigns. Plan out your ad deliveries as per your supply partners.

Generates VPAID/VAST Tags

Compose your interactive ads through your most creative ideas and generate your VPAID, VAST tags for your publishing partners.

Realtime Analytics

Get your consolidated dashboard and watch the LIVE campaign performance with in-build real-time analytics.

Accurate Targeting

Target your audience as per their Geographies, Demographics, Devices, Interests, Languages, and more.

What Perfomoo’s Ad Manager Can Do For You?

Manage Publisher Tags

Compatible With GAM/DFP

White-Label Ad server

Manage Publisher Tags

In-built publisher management system allows you to generate different ad-tags for various publishers/sites which can be used as a centeralized system to control the live performance/serving of your campaigns.

Compatible with GAM/DFP

Easily integrates with your primary ad-server. Ad tags are fully compatible with Google Ad Manager (aka DFP) and are well tried and tested by the world’s largest publishers.

White-Label Ad Server

Optimize cross-channel revenue, control user information, and differentiate your ad products by combining creativity and scale.