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Custom video technology solutions for the performance marketing

By leveraging the latest technology, we help you achieve the highest ROI and the best results.


We offer customized solutions

We understand every business is different, with different marketing requirements, which is why we offer completely customized video solutions for all your needs

Premium publishers

We have partnered with the most premium and biggest publishers in India to give you access to over 100 million monthly video ad impressions.

Accurate audience targeting

Marketers can target their audience according to their location, area, devices, interests, and more.

Real-time analytics

You get access to accurate and transparent real-time analytics through a dedicated dashboard.

Custom pricing

You can pay per click, or per view -- It is all up to you.

High-performing campaigns

We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to fine tune your campaigns for a better performance.

White-label solution

We allow agencies and/or affiliate-networks to leverage our technology and use our platform in order to connect their publishers with their advertisers seamlessly


How it works

Here’s how Performoo can make your video ad campaigns a success.


Register with Performoo

Tell us about your video marketing goals, niche, and target audience.


Select premium publishers

From our wide range of premium publishers, pick the ones you would want to showcase your video ads on.


Publish your ads

As you publish your video ads on all the major platforms online, you can track the performance of every ad through real-time analytics.


Watch your business grow

Our video technology solution offers the best conversions by accurately targeting the audience with relevant ads.

“With the help of Performoo we were able to boost our video marketing strategy and reach our targeted audience which in turn led to increased impressions and meaningful leads.”

Anoop Goyal (COO, Homecare Lifestyle)


Optimize your video advertising campaigns with Performoo

Target your prospective customers, accurately

With Performoo, you can target and segment your audience according to their country, regions, area codes, devices, and much more. We also cap our campaigns by default for better user experience.

Collect verified leads

Add a click to action or lead form at the end of the video ads for higher conversions. All of our leads are OTP verified to make sure they are completely authentic and accurate.

Real-time fraud detection

We leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to fine-tune campaigns and detect any suspicious or duplicate conversions.
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